Friday, December 19, 2008

Update on Evan's RSV and Camerons stuffy nose

Evan is doing remarkably well. He's not having any problems with his breathing though Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the worst of his congestion. I barely slept more than a cat nap over those three days. As of Tuesday things started looking better during the day with the worst at night. We had three different humidifiers going in the bedroom at one time, but it works. And we did a few steam showers during the day and evening and used Viks Baby Rub to loosen things up. It seems to have worked like a charm.

Cameron's symptoms are totally different and we're still not out of the woods. He first had a stuffy nose for a couple of days starting on Saturday, but by Monday it turned into a snotty runny nose with some minor coughing. Then just yesterday his cough turned more violent enough to make him throw up most of one bottle, but otherwise he seems fine and is in great spirits. We are still hoping that he doesn't catch RSV but it's still a probability that it will happen.

Here are some of our recent photos that we took this week. We are VERY behind on holiday cards, but still trying to get them out though it may be more like New Years cards instead.




ivory and jamie said...

I just love their big beautiful eyes!

Amber and Matt said...

I'm glad that you haven't had to head over the hospital yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your boys get better soon!

Dianna said...

Hope they are both 100% real soon!! Great pictures. They are so adorable :)

cheeky chums said...

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