Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can't blame that one on the dog!

I was sitting watching Grey's Anatomy and FaceBooking and I smelled the worst smell of poop ever. I looked down and realized my favorite 65 pound lap dog Bridget was at my feet. Ugh, no surprise right? She's a poop eater and maker, and she's very gassy and needs a bath in the worst way. But five minutes later I was still smelling the lovely bouquet.

It was time to go refill the boys feed bags (yep, they have feed bags but they hang from IV poles instead of from around their head like a horse). I bounce up the stairs, well more like drag because I really should be in bed, and open the door to their room and nearly passed out. Oh. My. God. The stench was horrendous. Just then Evan starts screaming and so does Cameron. I can't tell where the smell is coming from. I assume that both boys had blowouts and take Evan to the changing table first. I open the diaper and their is my culprit. A small thick puddle of pasty dark green foul baby butt butter courtesy of the teaspoon of pureed carrots we were allowed to give him today. Mmmm....

I cleaned him up and had Daddy change the next baby in line, but that one had no poop! So the smell that came out of teeny tiny barely 12 lb Evan filled up the nursery making it passed their closed bedroom door and wafted all the way down to the living room. I owe Bridget an apology.


Trish said...

If your dog is anything like mine- she had it coming.

Annie and Jason said...

That's funny :) We both have overwhelming poo smell in the house - of course!
So how are the boys doing with the gj's? Jax seems to be turning a corner with the Zofran!!

I noticed you said the boy's bags hang from the medical pole. What kind of pump do you have? We have the Infinity with the little red's the bomb if you have to have a pump! We leave it in the special backpack and cart that around all day and just hang it from the pole, easiest way ever!!! If you're not sure what I'm talking about, let me know- you should have a backpack for each boy!

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