Saturday, February 07, 2009

Update to last post re: Cameron's NJ tube...

We are very disappointed, but all information we've searched, people we've spoken with, including our pediatrician and her resident who also is doing a tour in our peds wing and working as our advocate with our Attending specialists, have led to this decision. We have decided the best course of action is to have GJ tubes put in both babies. The earliest they may have them done is maybe Tuesday. We've fought and fought but the bottom line is we can't keep these NJ tubes in forever and we'll just prolong their discomfort. Going with the GJ tube surgery will at least save Cameron one nasty step of having the NJ tube put in for a few days. Poor Evan was not so lucky. I just hope they don't ever remember any of this and their time on the GJ tube is short.


Trish said...

aww sweetie.. I hope none of our kids remember any of this.

I'm afraid we're right behind you with the surgery.. it sucks.

I'm so sorry.. FWIW, I think you're absolutely doing the right thing.

Kim said...

I know that you're in a crappy position, but it seems like this will help them in the long run. We're all hoping so. I hate that they (and you) have to deal with this and go through surgery, too. Thinking of you guys.

3boys4tre said...


You are doing what is best for the boys. May they have a quick recovery. Our thought and prayers are with all of you through this journey.

Hopefully it will just be a blog entry and the boys will have no memory of their discomfort. I can't imagine how heavy your heart and mind thoughts are with you guys.

Preemie Parenting said...

I'm sorry. I was hoping that something else would work but it sounds like that is the best thing for the boys.

The fact that you are going to be doing the outpatient feeding clinic at the same time is the best timing. That way they can instantly be working on oral feedings so that hopefully those tubes go away fast.

And I can say that while Dominic didn't have any surgeries, he is now five and doesn't remember all of the poking, prodding, etc from the NICU. So I'm sure your boys won't remember any of this either.

We'll continue thinking about you!!