Thursday, February 05, 2009

Evan had a bad night on his NJ tube...

At 2:30am Evan was asleep but fussing for a pacifier. I popped it in his mouth a couple of times and then all of the sudden he started vomiting and retching. We were told this should not happen at all with this NJ tube. His whole body was cramping and I could feel all kinds of bubbles from his shoulders to his butt. He even pooped with the force of it all. They think that somehow the NJ tube has migrated and we will have to do another xray this morning.

Cameron had a great night and slept peacefully with no vomiting.


Trish said...

Ugh.. poor guy.

Robbie had an NJ back in the NICU days..
It blocked the duct between his stomach and intestines and he would sometimes throw up bile that couldn't drain down. (Dark green grossness.)
It always scared me but in the end it was okay.

I hope they figure out something for our guys soon. This sucks.

n. said...

ugh, i dont know what to say anymore. i feel for you guys. if you are up for it, i could come visit on sunday?