Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Evan is getting the NJ tube!

Evan is getting the NJ tube because he threw up last night on the Similac 30 calorie formula too. Cameron is doing okay with his, we just can't get him to eat it by mouth.

We are waiting for Mt. Washington Hospital to come evaluate the boys and see if we will be moved to from Univ. of MD to there. This way they will continue to treat the boys from a GI aspect and get them to start working with the feeding clinic there.

Also, we've had to stop Evan's continuous feedings to do the procedure and now it's been 11 hours since we gave him anything to eat. They only needed to wait 3 hours to empty his stomach. We've known for 24 hours we'd be doing the procedure. And there's no time frame in sight for someone from PICU or NICU and radiology to do the procedure. AAarrgghhh!! No one seems to care that this is the second time my child has gone 12 hours without food unnecessarily. We keep pointing it out and everyone says it's on its way but they don't know when. Ggggrrrrr!!!!!!!

Oh and the security guard came in to our room tell my husband he has to wear shoes at all times or the hospital non-slip socks. WTF? At least she's doing her job.


Kim said...

I have been thinking of you and your little guys. Hang in there, mama.

n. said...

hang in there. more hugs coming your way. you are doing a great job.

MommaNecey said...

My daughter's first open heart surgery was put off FOUR TIMES. We would do the necessary things - no food and what not, preparing emotionally, showing up at 3-4am at the hospital to talk with her and hold her (she was still in the NICU) - thinking this may be the last time we see her, only to have them tell her she had been bumped or that she was too sick or that the OR was overbooked....blah blah blah. I get what you're saying. It's not only frustrating but emotionally exhausting. Keep hanging in there. You can do this!!! :) We are praying for your whole family. -Glad to know half of your boys are doing better! ;)

K. said...

We're pulling for you guys - and Evan. Hospital schedules are so frustrating - there is no good excuse. Hoping that momentarily, or already, you guys have a plan and he'll be getting his next feeding real soon. Loads of hugs to you and your boys...xoxo

Trish said...

I hate hospitals.