Friday, May 21, 2010


Well. It has been a very eventful week, some very good, some very bad. And we are ending it with a whole bunch of bad. Today we went to "school" and Cameron was fine but Evan was in a very grumpy tired mood which I attributed to the copious amounts of drool indicating he was teething. He had a lousy time at breakfast, we gave him tylenol and he did better through lunch, napped for almost 3 hours, did pretty well at snack. The playroom staff told me that 4 of the 10 kids in the program were out sick today so there is definitely something going on. Just as I was putting him in the car for our long drive home I noticed he felt really hot. In the car he was lethargic and moaning the whole ride home until he fell asleep 5min before we pulled into the driveway. He woke up out of the car and we checked his temperature.

At 5:30pm I checked his temperature several times over 10min. It went from 100.1 to 101, to 102.3, to 103, and then 104. I gave the tylenol at 5:40pm and while he was very slow and definitely obviously not feeling well he was playing and talking and he even ate 25grams of puree zucchini. He refused milk but did drink a tiny sip of water. After dinner he had a temp of 100.1 again. And he was in good enough mood to sit with us and read two books before flopping down in my lap like a rag doll. He went to sleep immediately at 7pm and I just checked his temp again at 8pm and it's 101.7.

I'll wait till 9:30pm to give him ibuprofen. Hopefully this will subside and we won't be making a trip to the ER or urgent care.

I have lots to update from this week's progress, which really has been fantastic. But it will have to wait for now, I'll try to do an update maybe tomorrow.