Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 14 - Oh no!

Last night both boys vomited in their sleep at the same time with no warning for us. This is not uncommon so we didn't think much of it. Then this morning Cameron was grumpy when he's usually a chipper morning person. He screamed a couple of times like he was gassy, and then he puked a handful of stomach fluids with big green loogies (sorry for the TMI). I checked his temp and he was fine no fever. I checked Evan just because he was right there and he had a teeny tiny fever of 99.4. But they seemed to be doing fine so we loaded up in the car and left for "school". During the ride Evan was a chatty thing that could not sit still, very unusual for him because like me he's not a morning person. And Cameron, who is usually loudly pointing out every.single. truck/school bus/train/plane, was trying to fall asleep but struggling to do so because Evan was keeping him awake. Not five minutes away from the feeding clinic parking lot and suddenly with no warning Cameron puked lots of clear stomach bile (not the really nasty green stuff we used to get, but it did smell like it). Once we got into the building the nurse took their temperatures again and we agreed with the Director of the program Dr. Katz that it didn't appear that he was ill, just really having a rough day and didn't want to be there. So we decided to see how breakfast went and then if it didn't go well I would take them home to rest for the weekend. Cameron barely got out of his stroller and even laid down on the hallway floor in protest of being at school, which he never does. We then changed the plan so that Evan would get fed breakfast and I would take Cameron to the cafeteria to wait out the traffic before heading back home. The whole time in the cafeteria poor Cameron just wanted to snuggle in my lap.

We picked Evan up after his very unsuccessful breakfast and headed home. The boys fell asleep for about 40 min until we got home around 10:15am and I let them lay on the floor and watch tv for about 20min and then got things ready to attempt a lunch since they haven't eaten since midnight last night. I got as far as setting up the highchairs when Cam threw up again and asked to go night night. Evan had become more and more fussy and started telling me "Boo boo head, boo boo head" and rubbing his eyes and sides of his head. So I doped them both up on some generic Tylenol and Cam went to sleep at 11:30am and Evan pooped, so now he's refusing to nap but is happily playing in the playroom and watching Dora while his brother gets his nap.

Hopefully this stomach bug Cam has is over quickly and Evan doesn't catch it. And that we can get back to the feeding clinic to pick up where we left off. I was so looking forward to getting the boys to school today to reinforce the great day they had yesterday. I guess it was not to be...