Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cross Your Fingers!

Today the boys woke up cranky again at 5:30am. They were very combative when I tried to feed them breakfast, though they drank about 1oz of milk each. Cameron did throw up more clear stomach fluids, neither had a fever, runny noses have somewhat subsided, the guys looked like they felt miserable, and both boys went down for two hour naps at 8:30am. They woke up and Drew tried to give them lunch which was a miserable experience. Then Cameron went back down for another nap at 1:15pm and slept until 4:10pm, while Evan was a fireball keeping Drew on his toes all day. Drew tried several times to get Evan to take another nap, but Evan did not think that was such a hot idea. When Cameron got up he told me very clearly that he was hungry and wanted milk (pronounced "Mick"). I gave him 4oz of milk and he drank it all in under 30min while watching The Backyardigans. Then he told me he was hungry and I tried to feed the boys dinner around 5:30pm. He drank another 3oz of milk, ate about 20grams of Chicken & Stars soup (this may not seem like a lot but it was baby spoons loaded with actual noodles, carrots and celery and not just the broth by itself which is usually all he wants), and 4 veggie sticks. Evan drank about 16 baby spoons full of the Chicken & Stars broth which is more than he's ever had in his life, but fell asleep mid-sip of broth on the 16th one. He drank lots of milk today too, about 5oz which is a lot for him. Since Evan went to bed at 6pm we kept Cameron in his highchair playing with a toy while we adults ate dinner. He demanded more milk and drank another ounce plus ate three cheese puffs.

There's something to be said for a stomach virus and a 5 hour nap. It makes a toddler eat more than he's ever had in one day. Now he's finally asleep by 7:45pm and has been on his feeding pump at a very slow rate since 6pm. Please cross your fingers that he doesn't upchuck everything tonight.