Thursday, May 20, 2010

If there is a Heaven....

I am not religious. But.... If there is a Heaven then the pearly gates are particularly busy this week.

A week ago good friends of ours had their second baby, a boy named Finn. He's a beautiful full term healthy baby boy. ( I love that I get to type the words "full term" about people I know and care for.) Welcome to the world Baby Finn, your big sister Zoe has a lot to teach you. We are all so excited to meet you.

Two days ago my Preemie Parent friends Martha and Robbie had their second baby, sweet little Maggie, baby sister to Campbell who was a fellow 28weeker like my boys. All our Preemie Mom friends have been living every moment of this pregnancy vicariously through Martha, all of us waiting on pins and needles, with baited breath. Patiently we've been enjoying hearing of a woman truly reveling in her FULL TERM pregnancy with only a handful of scares from a possible reoccurrences of pre-eclampsia, which thankfully did not cause any complications. Welcome to the world Baby Maggie. We're so excited to meet you this summer!

But tragically the pearly gates swing both ways, and today my friend Tiffany lost her baby boy Justice at 20 months old. My heart beats with heavy sobs for Tiffany and her family. As of yesterday JW seemed to have been doing better with his breathing so today's news that he has passed on is devastating.

Please go hug and kiss your children one more time today. Life is so precious.


Trish said...

It's been an emotional week, for sure.