Friday, May 14, 2010

Update to Day 13

During lunch Evan told me "Head boo boo" and was whiny and rubbing the sides of his head and generally very obviously feeling miserable. Cameron kept asking for Night Night so I put them to bed after giving them both some Tylenol. Cam slept for another three hours (in addition to the 40min the boys both slept on the car ride home), while Evan became hyper and pooped and became even more hyper. Once I finally got Evan down for a nap at 1:30pm Cameron woke up at 2pm. When Evan woke up he had big red splotches all over his face and lots of little red pin-prick dots on his back and belly and behind his ears. Neither boy had a fever or was acting very differently from normal. We gave them a bath and noticed Cam had a few red splotches showing up on the side of his face too. That's when we decided to give them some Benadryl before bed. Within 10min we noticed the red splotches fading. We've gone over and over and over the day's activities and what they might have consumed (nothing measurable for sure) and can't figure out what could have caused the reaction. Guess it's just as well that we came home today.

We're having a really bad thunderstorm tonight. Our two beasties are scary if you don't know them, but have a thunderstomr come rolling in and this is where one of my large hairy chickens likes to perch for her safety...


cd0103 said...

Poor babies.

What breed of dog is your puppy? She looks so much like mine.