Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Almost 72 hrs without vomit

Well, at least for Cameron anyway.  Evan still pukes once a day.  But we've recently had bouts of vomit free days for Cameron and he sleeps really well during naps and at night, though he still gets up at 6am on the dot.  That is until today when Evan spent 40min of nap time bouncing around and singing while Cam tried to sleep.  His bouncing and singing woke Cam up and he got so upset about being woken up (just like his Mommy) that he sobbed so hard that he puked, and it was bad.  And he was so upset that Evan wouldn't stop singing that he puked more but this time it came out his nose.  Then he was REALLY angry.  I settled him down after much coaxing and went to lay Evan down one. more. time. and changed Evan's diaper and before I could finish changing him Evan fell asleep.  Within 5min of Evan falling asleep Cameron was bouncing around in his crib.  I think it will be an early bedtime tonight. 

This afternoon Cameron kept walking around and saying "Come on Travis.  Hurry Travis.  Travis over 'dere!" I asked Cameron who Travis was and he replied "He friend."  I have no idea where he got the name Travis from.  I guess he has an imaginary friend now?