Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Close Your Eyes

Since Sunday Cameron has been experiencing a fluctuation fever that ranges from 99.0 to 104.2. It only goes down with medication and Ibuprophin is the only thing that's getting it down to the really low number quickly. He's had no other symptoms other than being grumpy and a bit clingy and more tired than usual. Late yesterday afternoon I took him to see the pediatrician and left his totally symptom free brother Evan at home with Granny Cathy. It is rare that I get the pleasure of one on one time with my boys and neither one is ever upset that they have left the other behind, though Cameron did as where Evan was.

And I know I've gushed before about how easy it is to take one kid out, especially to a place like the doctors office, but I must gush again. It really is so simple. And now that they are walking I don't need a stroller and don't even need to use the eyes on the back of my head along with the extra pair of arms I've been attempting to grow. And I can hear everything that anyone says, I can answer questions in complete sentences and without interruption. There's no shouting over screaming kids or waiting to find a break in the shrieking in order to say a few quick words that someone can actually hear. For a change we were not THOSE people in the other room. And the best part is I was able to focus all my attention on Cameron and give him all the snuggles and fun that I have to divide between both kids on a typical visit to the doctors. I think he actually enjoyed the visit.

Anyway, the pediatrician thinks that Cameron has another case of Roseola. I know, you're saying "But you only get Roseola once." Apparently that's not entirely true, that it is not that uncommon for kids to get it more than once, but never more than twice. He is not coughing or sniffling, no extra post nasal drip though there has been an increase in his reflux so that he vomits at least three times a night. And he has had a dramatic decrease in willingness to eat, which I don't blame him for. I don't want to eat when I'm sick either. But he is drinking lots of fluids by mouth which is unusual and excellent. The only other symptom is that the pedi thinks she saw some of the red lace or pin prick like rash that one experiences with Roseola, signifying the end of the worst of it all.

I had hoped she was right because if the fever doesn't go away by Thursday then we are going in for bloodwork and an xray and some other tests to figure out what this is. And as of last night at 3am his fever did peak to 104.2. This morning it is down to 98.7 but I have a sneaky suspicion that it will go back up once his Ibuprofin wears off.

In the middle of the night when I go to check on him, catch vomit, and take his temperature he's been really great. They heat is radiating off his skin and all he wants to be left alone to sleep, and on Monday night he told me so in no uncertain terms. I was taking his temperature one last time around 4am and he grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes and said "No Mommy, close your eyes." and rolled over and went back to sleep.