Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trip to the National Zoo

We have been to the National Zoo before, but always with a very large group.  Large groups make it difficult to see many things because it's so difficult to stay together.  We decided that this beautiful weekend we would make another trip and try to see parts of this zoo that we've never made it to before.  And we did hit the jackpot on several occasions even though some of the larger exhibits we want to see are closed for remodeling.  The key to today's awesome sightings was pure luck, an early arrival, and a cool summer morning.  I think of all the exhibits that was the most fun for us it was the orangutans in the Great Ape house.  We were the first ones to pull up to the enormous window and three of the beautiful orange beasts hopped right up in front of the boys in their stroller.  I can't wait to go back to check out their new elephant exhibit after it opens next week.  And we're planning on taking the boys back to the Baltimore zoo a whole lot this fall because we have an awesome season pass there and you can feed the giraffes yourself, which I know they would love.

I'm super excited with some of these pictures because I took them all with my awesome new camera and they came out great.  The zoom is a amazing.  If I didn't know how far away I was standing when I got some of these shots I'd swear that I was standing not 10 feet away out in the wild near these animals.  I am dying to take a class so I can get myself out of the Auto mode on the camera.  I play around with the other settings but what I really need is someone experienced to show me some things.  Such a fun day!

We got to run into our preemie buddy Brendan at the toddler play zone.  It was good to see them even if it was only for a few minutes.  Brendan was playing shy with me and is still getting over his separation anxiety now that his dad is home and couldn't bear to be more than a few feet away from him. 


Annie and Jason said...

Omg, those are such cute pics!!!

I wish so bad we could meet up at a zoo...

Blue Moon Mama said...

Wow! Such great pix! :-)

Glad you guys had a great trip.