Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One of Mom's Most Common Ponderings

One of the most common things a mom, especially a first time mom, wonders about is how their child(ren) are developing.  Most of the time it's a fleeting thing to think about, other times it's a concern, and for lots of parents it's an obsessive and justified ongoing worry.  There are tons of really wonderful websites to check out, I have several posted in my list of Favorite Links to the right of my blog screen.  But recently I learned of another one that is fabulous and just wanted to share to site.  It's called Early Intervention and it is a site to help determine where your child is in their development and ways to help them grow and improve on the skills they need.  And most importantly the site is about how to find services in your area that will meet your child's need.  Most of the services you will find are through your state's Early Intervention program set up on all school systems and they are free if your child qualifies after a simple evaluation.  Check it out.