Friday, August 13, 2010

Spiking Fevers

Last week Cameron had a virus that caused some pretty high fevers.  They lasted about five days and then he was right as rain, though very contakerous about his eating.  He's eating better and better every meal now so I think he'll be back on track by the end of this weekend. 

But yesterday Evan came down with the virus exactly one week from when Cameron's fevers ended.  And it's hit him hard.  Yesterday his fever peaked at 104.  This afternoon around 4:30pm it peaked at 106.1.  We gave him a cool bath and more motrin and an hour later it was down to 99.8.  But now at 9:30pm it's crept back up to 101 and he's tried to vomit twice already.  I say tried because for some weird reason nothing much has come up, but the vomiting session is longer and more violent than usual. 

Hopefully this virus will finish very quickly, certainly it needs to finish faster than Cam's did.  We have big plans for this weekend and they will all get tossed in the toilet if this fever doesn't disappear. 


Annie and Jason said...

How has everything been through the weekend?
BOO for fevers!!!